Homebase Security System

    • Personal Project
    • 2012

How might an intelligent security system function to control an intelligent home?

Objective: Imagine how a touch interface for a central home control center might look.

Touchscreen technology presents an excellent chance to create malleable interfaces that can serve more than one purpose. In this example, a wall mounted device can assume control over as many household functions as sensors and smart appliances will allow. From home security to thermostat functions; from monitoring power and water consumption to controlling lights and preheating the oven from your bedroom, the future of the smart home is incredibly exciting. Whether idle or active, the status of the security system will be visible at all times.

Disarm screen
Disarming menu displays the triggered sensor, time left to disarm, and keypad. The nature of the touch screen would also allow for the keypad to be colors, musical keys, or a drawing.
Main screen
The main view shows emergency buttons, time, date, and customizable widgets.
Alerts for the security system are visible in the status icon.
The thermostat widget will display its mode based on color. Warm tones are for heating.
Air conditioning
And cool tones for air conditioning.
Add widget
You can add or remove widgets with the configuration button in the bottom left corner.
Add widget or control widget settings
You can also modify a widget's settings by tapping on the background container when in widget-edit mode.
Added widgets
Some examples of useful widgets might be monitoring water or power consumption. If there exists a sensor for it, your home base control panel can keep you informed.
Armed without motion sensors
Arming without motion sensors allows for security while remaining at home.
Context view
A sleek and informative device for your home.

What about revisting this project?

A touch screen is more realistic in this situation, but once again this design was created before the adoption of flat user interface styles. I think the premise of a smart home control panel still holds creedence, and would focus on a more contemporary redesign and companion mobile application.

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