Aorta Iron

    • California College of the Arts
    • Industrial Design II
    • 2010

How might the form of an iron change to help avoid burn marks?

Aorta is the iron reimagined and simplified. The confusing dial control of the common iron is removed in favor of one button with the three power settings most often used. The iron also allows for multiple grips and the action done to spray water prevents the hot plate from being in one place for too long in order to prevent burning the clothes.

Front view.
Fleshing out the form options with foam model making. Both styles are meant to have multiple ways of holding the iron. My research showed that different people grip their iron in many different ways.
Concept that developed based on observing several people iron. All used different grips and techniques, which Aorta seeks to enable.
To spray the water, the front portion of the iron must be rocked forward. This causes the iron to move at all times, minimizing risk of burning material.
For those who prefer the grip that is more like wearing the iron.

Selected Work

More detail and projects available upon request.

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ARt - Augmented Reality Touch

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Haptic Studio 2

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