Homeland Trailer with Mobile Haptics

World's First Mobile Haptic Video Campaign

This video was a first for haptic mobile video: it was the first video enhanced with haptic effects made available for Android users in a public campaign. We worked with Showtime to gain access to one of their new trailers for the upcoming season of Homeland. This video featured vibrotactile sensations that coincided with fire, explosions, and glass breaking. It also accompanied the motion graphics of the informational and title cards.

You could feel the title card's animation.
Homeland Haptics
The bumper I designed was also stylized to suit the Homeland aesthetic.

Selected Work

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ARt - Augmented Reality Touch

ARt - Augmented Reality Touch

Shown at LA Times NewStory 2018
Haptic Studio 2

Haptic Studio 2

Quick generation of haptic textures

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